“We’ve got your backend”

Are you a designer? Do you speak html and css?

Databases and server languages are not your thing?

Peatcms is a backend Content Management System (CMS) that supports your designs.

Freedom to webdesigners

While you focus on creating cutting edge designs, we handle your cutting edge backend. You are free to use any css and javascript (~ libraries) that you please, as long as you include them. Whatever you dream up, you can find a way to realize it. More...

How does it work?

Create an account and upload your design. Use simple tags (like {{title}}) or complex ones (like {%__images__%}) to place the elements that your client controls with the cms. More...

Earn money

As a designer you can control multiple instances (websites...) for your clients. Each client can login and manage the contents of their website. You pay a small amount for hosting that you can markup with support and consulting fees to your client. Start earning a monthly fee in addition to the initial bill for your design services. More...