Backend / cms

While you are logged in as an administrator, CMS buttons appear on everything you can edit (titles, text, images, downloads). When you press one of these, an edit screen opens to the left where you can edit everything belonging to that specific element, including the linking to other elements using a drag and drop interface. All changes are instantly visible on the page. You don’t have to save anything.

Press CTRL+, to edit the current element. CTRL+. brings up the console with several management options (create elements, menus, etc). Or press CTRL+/ to see the website without any administrative options (press again to get them back).

A picture

A picture says more than a 1000 words. Currently we are finetuning the backend together with our first few clients. These screenshots below show the current state (as of this writing), which is actually without any feedback yet. So, subject to change.

Peatcms backend screenshot text editor

Showing the text editor opened to the left over the current page.

Peatcms backend screenshot with the console open

On the edit image page the console is opened where you can search and add all types of elements.

Peatcms backend screenshot image upload

Showing the image editor opened to the left. Drop your image in the drop area and it will be uploaded and optimized into sizes on the fly.

Peatcms backend screenshot edit menu

Showing the drag and drop interface to create menu's.