How does it work?

A designer can login and create one or more ‘instances’ (client websites). Each instance holds a webdesign. Just upload the html template (parts), css file(s) and / or javascript to the specific instance. Peatcms will combine and compress these to be used serving the content.


Peatcms works with ‘elements’. These are individual entities residing in the cms. Currently supported elements are Page, Image, Embed, Menu and File (meaning downloadable file), a well as e-commerce elements like Brand, Series, Product and Variant and last but not least, Properties, that you can use as categories or tags. The designer creates templates for these elements. With the cms you(r client) creates one or more elements and links them together using drag and drop.

Staging / testing

You can use subdomains to stage websites using a domain that you control. For the templates there is also a sandbox, so you can see the changes you made before publishing.

Client login

A designer can create one or more client logins for each website. The client can login on their own website and manage the content. Everything is updated on the fly.

Peatcms cover image